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Madison, Wisconsin

Jan. 29
One of my favorite quotes from a retailer about the last edition of Specialty Shop Retailing is this one: “I have read, highlighted, marked up and re-read this book so many times it groans when I pick it up!” It’s been so much fun for me to hear from shopkeepers around the world about how helpful they have found the first three editions of my book, which sold over 40,000 copies and were translated into Russian. I am very happy to announce that the fourth edition has just been published as a trade paperback and e-book by HenschelHAUS.

A lot has changed since the third edition came out — the proliferation of social media and the need to compete the Internet, especially Amazon, being the ones that immediately come to mind. The new book is 450 pages long, which is how much space it took to ...Read rest of Chalk

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